Corporate social responsibility – continued!

Accessibility Champion Gillian Beaton writes about the charity work we’ve been doing with our team in 2017. … More Corporate social responsibility – continued!



St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, has had a celebratory day in his honour for more than a thousand years. He was known for being kind, generous and good spirited – and if you’ve ever met a Scot in the pub, you’ll know that St Andrew’s sainthood in Scotland is very apt!   This … More #BeLikeStAndrew

Bake a Difference

On Tuesday 10 October I was delighted that my lovely colleagues supported me, not only by eating cake, but baking and paying for cake to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK Family Fund, Georgie’s Genes. There was much chat in the offices as to ‘who was baking what’ and ‘how much cake will people eat’ … More Bake a Difference