Chinese New Year, Friday 12 February 2021- The Year of the Coo!

This Friday is Chinese New Year.  In Scotland, the celebrations are being given a unique Scottish twist as we herald in the Year of the Coo!! The Year of the Ox happens every 12 years, with this year starting on 12 February and lasting until 31st January 2022. The general tradition is that people who are born in the Year of the Ox should wear something red throughout the year to bring them luck, as they’re likely to face an ‘eventful’ year.

In honour of this, the Year of the Ox, we have put together a selection of whiskies and gifts from our online shop which are grouped as lucky things for Oxen. And, of course as a nod to our hairy Highland Coo, who could fail to be moo-ved by the cuteness of our gorgeous, cuddly Highland coo, a perfect gift this year.

Lucky things for Oxen include the colours blue, yellow and green. Take a look at our Highland gift set and the vibrant colours of our Whisky Teas. Our collection of teas are blended with real single malt whisky from each of Scotland’s unique whisky regions. Each tea has been carefully hand-crafted to reflect the typical characteristics of each region.

The labels and packaging on many of Scotland’s whiskies are beautifully embossed, decorated and creatively designed. One which definitely catches the eye from our selection of whiskies with a label in lucky colour blue is the Dalwhinnie 30 year old. Part of the Diageo Rare by Nature Special Releases, this beautifully packaged single malt is from the highest distillery in Scotland. Dalwhinnie is a real mountain malt and it is as well adapted to the harsh climate of its barren and often desolate location.

Lucky things for Oxen include south being the direction of love, so we have suggested Bladnoch Samsara, Bladnoch being Scotland’s most southerly distillery. With east being the direction of auspiciousness, we have highlighted Scotland’s most easterly distillery, which is Glen Garioch, have a look at Glen Garioch virgin oak. With sweet tasting notes, a velvet explosion of rich buttery malt, chocolate and spice, we are sure this will be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Another lucky thing for Oxen is the number 4. We have selected our set of 4 copper coasters. These gorgeous copper coasters are the perfect pedestal on which to serve your drinks this Friday.

And with that, we will sign off with a big Slàinte Mhath from us to you, this Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox.

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