SWE will walk 500 miles and SWE will walk 2500 more.. for SAMH

You can check out our JustGiving page here, any donations towards this worthy cause would be incredible – thank you!

During these uncertain times, lockdown has seen many of us increase our daily exercise in an effort to keep fit and healthy. Exercise is not only good for keeping you physically fit but is a fantastic way to boost your mental wellbeing too! With some of us really going for it, we thought, why not put these extra miles to good use and raise as much money as possible for SAMH, a charity close to our hearts here at SWE.

Around since 1923, SAMH currently operates over 60 services in communities across Scotland. These services together with our national programme work in See Me, respectme, suicide prevention, sport and physical activity; inform our policy and campaign work to influence positive social change.

We initially set the goal between us to walk 1000 miles in the month of June with a weekly tally going out to the team to keep us motivated. Incredibly though, we smashed this target within just a little over a week!! With everyone keen to keep it up, we’ve decided to raise the mileage goal to a whopping 3000 miles.

We’ve just hit our mid-way mark, and it’s been brilliant so far. Through a SWE Facebook group we’ve been keeping each other motivated! We’ve walked up hills, along beaches, found places in Edinburgh we never knew existed, had socially distanced walks with friends and spotted a wide variety of different wildlife (so far – foxes, deer, Shetland ponies, swans, ducks, sheep, peacocks and even zebras!!).

We’ve put together just some of the photos and quotes from our fantastic team over the first week.

“we’re so lucky to have all this beauty on our doorstep”

“making the most of having the sun back and getting a few more miles in”

“lovely social distance catch-up with a friend today”

“went to the rose garden today, still can’t believe I didn’t know it existed until this week. Best discovery of lockdown so far!”

“seeing new parts of Edinburgh on today’s venture”

“looking forward to some more walks”

Here’s to the next many more miles – let’s do this team SWE!

These are unprecedented time, SAMH have created a hub of information and guidance about looking after your mental health during these difficult time, you can take a look at it here: www.samh.org.uk/coronavirus

Slàinte Mhath & keep safe!

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