World Poetry Day – The Poems of Lockdown

It’s #WorldPoetryDay, and this year we set our staff the challenge of writing poems whilst in lockdown📝 Have a read through these incredible poems by some of our team, from thought-provoking poems to a little bit of whisky🥃

'A Scene in a glass: Made by the sea' by Nicola Dolan
Standing by the rugged cliffs, 
The delicate sea spray caresses my face, 
I glance down at the pebbles, smooth and round, 
A blend of senses created by this place.

Morsels of salt caught in a tempest, 
Black pepper rockpools strewn about, 
Rolling clouds descend bringing mist, 
The wash of the sea seems to sing and shout.

A cold breeze pushes the water, leaving the stones wet, 
The last drops of a bonfire once billowing with smoke, 
The fired orange of the embers echoed in sunset, 
A brief seat on driftwood, a retired oak.

Golden flecks of sunlight rest on glistening seaweed, 
Layers of waves crash onto velvet sand, 
The crisp air as sharp as a fresh apple, 
Where sky meets horizon and the sea meets land.

The light slowly fades on this vista, 
Hoping this feeling will never pass, 
Sat in my chair the four walls returned, 
I open my eyes, and look down to my glass.
'When Fear arrives' by Lauren McGeorge
When Fear arrives
he is not gentle
he crashes into me
like a wave
constantly tempting relapse
telling me to wear the mask
I am working so hard to remove
the one which leaves me starving
material items
and acceptance.

But every time Fear comes
he builds my resilience
does he realise that one day
I will no longer need him?
that what he is teaching me 
is how to
accept myself

Does he realise
that what he is teaching me 
is the remedy
to end
moving targets
and toxic beauty standards?
'It's all in a day' by Heather Newlands
 I looked out from the window
 This is very strange
 Is it for real
 Or is it just a game.

 I'm really not used to this
 There's not a soul in sight
 A very quiet morning
 A very quiet night. 

 I get up in the morning
 All is just the same
 I look out from the window 
 A little bit of rain. 

 Then all of a sudden 
 I feel a great thrill
 I can see two people 
 At the top of the hill. 

 I get a bit excited 
 Inspiration I have felt
 I wonder if I asked them
 Would they let me help. 

 So off I go along the road
 To the Greenkeepers shed
 What would you like to do
 Anything I said. 

 I make my way  towards The Club
 With bottle, tubes and feeds
 Up and down the paving stones
 Killing off the weeds. 

 Next day it is different
 Picking up the litter
 If I keep going like this 
 I will be much fitter. 

 So as the weeks go on
 The jobs get more advanced 
 Cutting down the hedges
 And some big trees are lanced. 

 Now the course is open
 They can only play in pairs
 They need someone out there
 To make sure play is fair. 

 So in the buggy off I go
 Nothing has felt stranger
 Unknown to myself 
 I was nominated ranger
 Now don't you be shaking hands 
 Don't you touch the ball
 Stay well apart 
 I think you know it all. 

 Some of the seniors
 Out of practise miss the hole
 But I was there to cheer them up
 With a mini chocolate roll. 

 It's all so very social
 I've made a lot of friends
 But lockdown two came along
 And again it all ends. 

 I am still helping out
 With lots of different factors 
 But let me make it very clear 
 I'm not maintaining tractors. 

 I only know the rules 
 I don't play the game 
 But I honestly have to say
 This has kept me sane. 

 So this is my story
 It's all I have to say
 I feel so very lucky
 That I'm out there every day.

 Keep Smiling!

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