Best Autumnal Sights of Edinburgh

We’re coming into the colder months, those orangey colours are in bloom and the city is looking truly Autumnal – but where are best spots to really appreciate the change in season? Well we’ve come up with some great spots dotted all over the city, perfect for all those Autumnal Instagram photos, crisp walks with loved ones and the best sights of our beautiful Capital!

Seven Hills of Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat © Annie Murdo, The Scotch Whisky Experience

Whether you live in Edinburgh or you are just visiting this beautiful city, you’ll be aware that the capital is definitely not flat! Edinburgh is said to be built on seven hills, spread out over the whole city.  We’ve got Castle Rock, Calton Hill, Arthur’s Sear, Braid Hills, Craiglockhart Hills, Corstorphine Hill and Blackford Hill – each of which give a fantastic and different view of our majestic skyline.

We recommend the sights from each of the hills, and if you fancy a little bit of a challenge there’s even an annual race to climb them all, with the current winning time being just under 1 hour 40 minutes – think you could beat that?

Princes Street Gardens

The Ross Fountain © Annie Murdo, The Scotch Whisky Experience

Princes Street Gardens is one of the most well-known urban parks in Scotland. Separating the Old Town from the New Town, the gardens are visited by a large number of people every year. Spanning over 37 acres, they are split into two separate sections by The Mound – both areas give the most stunning views of both the Old Town, with the castle looming over them and on the other side the bustling streets of the New Town.

The gardens are beautiful all year round, and there are plenty of sights within them to enjoy, from the Ross Fountain, the Floral Clock and the Scot Monument to the numerous statues and memorials that are located within its boundaries. We recommend taking a wander around these beautiful gardens, maybe grab some lunch on-the-go and have a wee picnic.

Castle Esplanade

Castle Esplanade © Annie Murdo, The Scotch Whisky Experience

So, we’ve sort-of already mentioned this one, since Edinburgh Castle sits upon Castle Rock which is one of the ‘Seven Hills of Edinburgh’ however the Castle Esplanade is a must do if you’re in Edinburgh. Located at the top of the Royal Mile, this esplanade is the perfect place to view the beauties of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

And, fun fact, the esplanade has a wealth of history with one particular memorial called the Witches Well, remembers the large population of women that were burned at the stake for being suspected as witches in the 16th century – just a little autumnal/Halloween fact for you!

And if you so happen to be on the Castle Esplanade, then why not pop in past and give us a visit! We’re located just a short way down Castlehill and provide the perfect place to warm up after taking in all those sights!

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There are many more locations that are beautiful at this time of year, especially all of our parks and grassy areas. If you take some Autumnal photos out and about in Edinburgh, be sure to share them with us!

Slàinte Mhath!

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