Lock-down recipes from our “SWEople”

The team at Amber Restaurant and the Scotch Whisky Experience are missing Amber’s wonderful dishes, but to keep our spirits up and keep ourselves busy there has been a lot of home based culinary experimentation and sharing.

Whilst we are not (quite) at the level of the Amber chefs we have all been giving it a go, so from coffee and cakes that we are missing during our breaks, to foraging from Scotland’s wild larder there is plenty to share with you from a few familiar faces in the SWE and Amber team.

Foraging from Scotland’s Larder

Two beautiful recipes using wild garlic from Edinburgh’s parks, streams, woodlands and even back gardens.

Wild Garlic Pesto from Lucy Hawk-Walker

Whilst walking at Colinton Dell yesterday Lucy and her husband Tim came across a sea of wild garlic. Drawn my the unmistakable smell Lucy devised this simple and scrumptious variation on traditional pesto. So if you have 5 minutes spare to make it click here for the recipe!

Wild garlic pesto

Sugo (Italian pasta sauce) from Pietro Cecchini

Pietro has stuck with his Italian heritage to come up with a “sugo” (pasta sauce) that makes the most of the seasonal wild garlic and wild leeks that he’s lucky enough to find growing wild in his garden. There are plenty of hints and tips for creating the perfect sugo in his blog, and a large dose of pride in this Italian- Scottish staple.

Wild garlic “sugo” pasta sauce

Get baking (if you can find the flour!) and a no-flour treat!

For some of our team baking is their passion and we regularly enjoy bake-off for charity and fun when we are all together at work. We’ve some great previous blogs on this theme if baking’s your thing!

Boozy whisky cheese scones from Paula Arthur

Paula’s love of baking, whisky and cheese comes together in a perfect symphony in her unusual recipe. It’s a classic recipe and one of the favorites of the SWE team if you are up for a savoury bake. If you fancy trying one of our office winners take a look at Paula’s blog.

Boozy whisky cheese scones

Orange Fudge Slice from Heather Newlands

Heather is known for supplying the team with tempting treats so a global lock-down and supermarket flour shortages aren’t going to stop her doing what she loves and conjuring up a sweet delight or two. There are no photos here as I asked for the recipe too late, and the slices had been polished off, but if you fancy making them send us your own photos! If you want to be let into Heather’s sugary alchemy take a look here.

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