Scotch Whisky Emoji Quiz!

Our team of passionate and creative whisky enthusiasts have come up with this brilliant Scotch whisky emoji quiz. First up is the Single Malt Scotch Whisky section – some of them are not well known brands so you’ll have to know your stuff! Spoiler alert – the answers are at the end

The next section covers Blended Scotch Whisky – I think that we had the most fun with this one and there is certainly plenty more to add. It’s a good start – see how you do!

Finally we’ve arrived at the “Glens”. You should have a running start here as we’ve given you the first half for free. You all know that “glen” is the Scottish for “valley” right? (just checking!). Ok – get cracking on the last section.

Thanks for playing – please feel free to share and add all your emoji Scotch ideas. Slainte!

And here they are; the answers! Wondering how much debate and how many chuckles they will cause. Thanks for sharing, playing and making our team’s fun such a success.

One thought on “Scotch Whisky Emoji Quiz!

  1. I have never had more fun.

    I put for Single malts No 20 Cragganmore thinking about the mythological octopus the Kraken. Lynne Gowans contacted me and said she thought Octomore. I told her it was a good shout and that I thought she was good with that one. I was annoyed since my son had recently given me a 63% cask strength Octomore as a present. Doh!!

    Blended: I thought 14 was Royal Household (Household Cavalry) since I thought soldier with the bearskin resembled the Household Cavalry. For No 20 I had Old Parr and Old St Andrews so I went for the latter since I thought was more appropriate. Having said that I unconditionally accept all your answers.

    Good luck for the future and you have found a new member to your community./

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