The Ultimate Whisky Quiz: Part 2 (this one is tricky!)

Our team have come up with a sequel to our last whisky quiz, this one may be even harder! Challenge yourself and see how many of these questions you can get right, or why not make a virtual quiz night out of it, grab your friends and family and try it out on them! (Answers follow the questions so don’t scroll too far and spoil it!)


1. What are the most northern, most eastern, most southern, most western distilleries on mainland Scotland? (4 points)

2. Which distillery, due to open next year, is going to be a vertical distillery? (1 point)

3. From the popular series ‘Breaking Bad’ what is main character, Walter White’s favourite whisky? (1 point)

4. Which three Islay whisky distilleries are known as the Kildalton trio? (3 points)

5. At which stage of the whisky making process is draff produced? (1 point)

6. What is the ‘angel’s share’? (1 point)

7. Which whisky translates to ‘boat’ in Gaelic? (1 point)

8. Which distillery is known for putting cooling jackets on their stills? (1 point)

9. Which Scotch is known as the first whisky to go to space? (1 point)

10. Name 5 of the 9 Islay distilleries. (5 points)

11. Name the distillery known for their triple distillation. (1 point)

12. What is the minimum alcoholic volume whisky has to have to be classified as ‘Scotch’? (1 point)

13. What is a rummager in the world of Scotch whisky production? (1 point)

14. Which year was a tax first applied to Scotch whisky, which ultimately led to the rise in illicit stills? (1 point, 0.5 points for within 10 years)

15. Which two distilling companies, well known in the world of Scotch, merged in recent years? (2 points)

16. Name one of the two distilleries with a mash filter. (1 point)

17. There are six different stages to the whisky process – what are they? (6 points, see if you can name them in order)

18. Which two types of Scotch whisky have to be used to create a Blended Scotch whisky? (2 points)

19. There are three distilleries who use Lomond stills – which distilleries? (3 points)

20. Which whisky liqueur means ‘very good’ in gaelic? (1 point)

21. Winston Churchill’s favourite Scotch was a blend, but which one? (1 point)

22. Name one of the two distilleries that use open ‘mash tuns’? (1 point)

23. Which distillery’s name translates to ‘black rock’ from gaelic? (1 point)

24. What two component ingredients on Scotch whisky would you find in a ‘mash tun’? (2 points)

25. Which single malt whisky is made by the Sixteen Men of Tain? (1 point)

26. Which distillery finds itself as reputedly the highest in Scotland at 1164ft above sea level? (1 point)

27. Tullibardine (and many other distilleries!) are known for using three traditional different sizes of casks, can you name the middle sized barrel? (1 point)

28. How many bottles are there in the Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection, which is located in the heart of the Scotch Whisky Experience? (1 point)

29. Which whisky’s name translates into ‘the hill of the barn’ from Scots Gaelic? (1 point)

30. What year did the Scotch Whisky Experience open its doors? Extra point if you can name the month too. (2 points)

(50 points in total)

How well do you think you got on? Scroll down for the answers!


1. Northern – Wolfburn; Eastern – Lonewolf ; Southern – Bladnoch; Western – Ardnamurchan (4 points)

2. Port of Leith (1 point)

3. Dimple Pinch (1 point)

4. Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg (3 points)

5. Mashing (1 point)

6. The approx 2% of alcohol by volume that evaporates each year during the maturation process (1 point)

7. Scapa (1 point)

8. Fettercairn (1 point)

9. Cutty Sark (1 point)

10. Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Kilchoman, Ardnahoe (5 points)

11. Auchentoshan (1 point)

12. 40% (1 point)

13. Used to scrape the inside of a direct fired copper pot still, preventing any scorching (1 point)

14. 1644 – The Excise Act (1 point, 0.5 point to within 10 years)

15. Edrington and Beam Suntory (2 points)

16. Teaninich and InchDairnie (1 point)

17. Malting, Milling, Mashing, Fermentation, Distillation, Maturation (6 points)

18. Grain whisky and single malt whisky (2 points)

19. Scapa, Bruichladdich and Loch Lomond (3 points)

20. Glayva (1 point)

21. Hankey Bannister (1 point)

22. Glenturret and Deanston (1 point)

23. Cardhu (1 point)

24. Malted barley and water (2 points)

25. Glenmorangie (1 point)

26. Dalwhinnie (1 point)

27. Hogsheads (1 point)

28. 3,384 (1 point)

29. Tomintoul (1 point)

30. 1988 – 5th May! (2 points)

(50 points)

How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below!

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