What to get your whisky loving Valentine (that’s not whisky!)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you might be thinking about what to get your loved one? Well if you are catering for a whisky drinker, but feel they already have enough whisky to sink a ship, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Our Marketing and Retail teams have teamed up to offer you the perfect gifts to get your whisky-loving Valentines (that isn’t whisky!).

Glencairn Travel Set

This stylish set of glasses is a perfect wee gift for those who love to take their whisky on adventures. With two glasses in this portable, sturdy case, you could really take this set anywhere! Going on a romantic camping holiday in the highlands? Looking to celebrate with a dram in a glass at the top of a Munro? It’s the perfect set!

Buy online or in our Scotch Whisky Shop today: £28.50

Cranachan, Raspberry and Whisky Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? This delicious chocolate is a take on a famous Scottish dessert – Cranachan. Made from cream, whisky, honey and raspberries, here in Scotland we love to have this dessert in the summer months as a tasty end to a meal. It may already contain whisky, but we also recommend matching it with different whiskies – why don’t you spend Valentine’s evening trying to match it with the perfect whisky.

Buy in our Scotch Whisky Shop today: £4.00

Mega Ice Sphere

This one is more of a practical gift, however it’s a great gift for a whisky lover. This slow melting sphere will chill your beverage to the perfect temperature and won’t dilute your drink in the same way regular ice cubes do! So if you have that loved one who complains about having overly diluted whisky from too many ice cubes – then this is your ideal gift!

Buy in our Scotch Whisky Shop today: £12.00

Speyside Whisky Cake

Treating your whisky-loving Valentine to a 3-course home-made dinner? Not sure what to give them for dessert – why not get them one of these little beauties. These rich fruit cakes, laced with Speyside Single Malt would finish a meal off perfectly, especially with our Drambuie Cream recipe to accompany it!

Buy online or in our Scotch Whisky Shop today: £5.50

Noble Isle Gift Set

If you want to pamper your Valentine, why not run them a lovely hot bath with one of these bath and shower gels! Choose from Tea Rose, Golden Harvest, Whisky & Water and Fireside flavours to really treat your loved one this Valentine’s day.

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We’ve got many more gifts, books, foods and of course.. whiskies in our Scotch Whisky Shop. Give us a visit or buy online and find the perfect Valentine’s gift! (please note: we only ship within the UK)

Slàinte Mhath!

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