Summer drams…

Summer has finally arrived here in Scotland! Yes, believe it or not we do actually get a bit of sunshine here in Edinburgh. In fact, to help celebrate what we call “Taps Aff” weather, we’ve picked out eight different styles of whisky to help you celebrate the summertime!

Lowlands: Ailsa Bay

Unlike most Lowland style Single Malts, Ailsa Bay is quite heavily peated, meaning you can expect a bit of smokiness with this dram, with plenty of sweetness as well. Simply put, Ailsa Bay’s classic single malt will put you in mind of a bonfire by the beach!

Highlands: Aberfeldy 16 year old

The Aberfeldy distillery is synonymous with the Dewar’s blended Scotch whisky, providing the base malt (or the heart) of the Dewar’s blend. However, Aberfeldy single malt can be perfectly enjoyed in its own right. The 16-year-old in particular had been finished in sherry casks which means that although it is incredibly honeyed and almond-y, that sherry cask influence means that it adds an extra bit of richness and spiciness to this single malt. Top it up with some soda water and ice to give you the perfect long drink to enjoy the sunshine with!

Speyside: Glen Grant 12 year old

The single malt that comes from the Glen Grant distillery is the epitome of a summer whisky! The Glen Grant 12 year old is an incredibly pure, soft, and delicate dram thanks to the fact that Glen Grant have purifiers connected to their stills, creating a lighter, fruitier style of whisky. Expect apples, pears, banana, bubble gum, and honey with this classic Speyside single malt.

Campbeltown: Glen Scotia Victoriana

The Victorian era absolutely loved their beachside holidays and this dram will help to recreate those seaside vibes! In Victoriana, Glen Scotia is trying to create a “Victorian” style of whisky (hence the name) which means that it’s cask strength (51.5% abv) and very intense in aroma and flavour. Expect loads of maritime notes with this dram alongside sweetness, and just a wisp of peat smoke.

Islay: Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair

Bunnahabhain is a distillery on Islay that tends to use unpeated malt to make their whisky, meaning that as a genuine rule, Bunnahabhain doesn’t have close classic smoky flavours an aromas of your typical Islay single malt. The Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair is no exception, and is a fruity and “jammy” dram: the perfect Islay whisky to enjoy with a summer nightfall.

Blended Scotch: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker is a blended Scotch whisky brand that has a reputation for being smokier than its other blended counterparts. The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve however has no trace of smoke and is instead intensely sweet and fruity. In fact, Johnnie Walker recommend mixing this blend with some apple juice and soda water to create a refreshing summer cocktail!

Liqueur: Bruadar

Bruadar is a liqueur that’s flavoured with honey and sloe berries. The word Bruadar is Gaelic for “dream”, a fitting description given its incredibly sweet and gentle character. This liqueur is perfect for the end of a long day in an ice-cold tumbler!

Luxury Scotch: Highland Park, The Light 17 year old

To round everything off we have a Highland Park inspired by the spring and summers of the Orkney archipelago where the distillery is located – currently the most northerly whisky distillery in the UK! This 17 year old whisky has been matured in refill American Oak casks: as a result the whisky is soft and sweet, but there’s still a summer berry fruitiness on the palate, alongside that typical wisp of smoke that you normally expect from Highland Park. The Light’s counterpart, The Dark, featured as one of our Whiskies of the Month back in February, and was inspired by the islands’ wild autumn and winter seasons.

We certainly hope you celebrate the arrival of summer with us with these eight drams – we certainly will be when it eventually arrives! You can find all of these bottles in both our McIntyre and Amber bars throughout the year; highlighted during June.

Slainte mhath!

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