Whisky at the movies

Oscar night is upon us, but if you’re happier chilling out with the movies themselves, what Scotch whisky should you be drinking? Visitor Assistant Louise talks us through which whiskies go with which movie genre, with some cracking examples to get your teeth into. Pass the popcorn…

For a perfect movie-watching experience, you need a perfect setting – and what could be better than in the comfort of your own home, lights off with a dram of Scotch Whisky in hand? But with so many different whiskies and movie genres, where do you start?


It’s no secret that James Bond loves a Macallan, so who are we to stray from 007’s favourites*? The Macallan is a respected dram, with the sherry oak finish being Bond’s drink of choice, and there’s something about the rich, crisp nose and heavy oaked-sweetness that rivals the thrills you get from an action, adventure film.

*Disclaimer: we only recommend copying Bond’s drinking favourites. Other favourite activities of his are copied at your own risk.


For a horror, you want to be comforted in your drink of choice; something for those brave twenty-seconds where you’re not hiding behind the duvet, to forget the fear. Try a whisky with a long finish, a high sherry influence – a Tamdhu Batch Strength, for example.

Alternatively, match the intensity of the film with something a little more unusual. Go one of the many Scotch whiskies with an unusual cask finish: a Tuscan Red Wine cask finish from Raasay’s While We Wait, or a Chardonnay cask edition from Glen Moray are rare and exciting enough to give you a jump.


You chose a feel-good film to watch for exactly that purpose; you want to ‘feel good’. A light and easy-drinking whisky is definitely the way to go here – a Cameron Brig or a Borders grain whisky would do the job. Equally, if you’re after a whisky that’s as sweet as the film you’re watching, go for Tomatin Legacy. The sugary sweetness of the ex-bourbon and virgin oak influences are on par with an Audrey Hepburn’s performance!


Stick to the gritty, smoky and acetone whiskies for watching a Western – it’ll be as if you’re actually there. Try a Laphroaig Quarter Cask, or a Port Charlotte 10 year old: both Islay whiskies, they’ve each got the classic regional “peat-reek” on the nose and palate, with added intensity and layers of flavour from the cask types used for maturation. An extra bonus is the green bottles from these distilleries – a little historical touch to rival the movies you’re watching.


For classic movie musicals, you want classic 1960s. And for classic 1960s vibes in your whisky, there is one groovy release – the Ardbeg Grooves. From the village of Peat & Love on Islay comes a dram with a stylish mellowness, a smooth smoky finish and a jazz-hands mouthfeel that Fred Astaire would approve of.

It’s just good vibes… and good whisky, man.

Marathon Movie Nights

Finally, for a Marathon Movie night in, you’re going to hit every kind of movie genre possible. With too many options for any dram, take this time to explore the blended Scotch whiskies. With classics like Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Double Black, or Chivas Regal, you’re already spoilt for choice! Finish off the night with something special… no, really – the blended Scotch whisky, Whyte & Mackay Special Reserve. A wonderfully cosy end to the evening.

What would your choices be to put your feet up with a dram? Let us know in the comments!

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