Christmas whisky cocktail

It’s definitely Christmas time here at the Scotch Whisky Experience! Last year, we brought you a crowd-pleasing spicy ginger and whisky cocktail to serve up to your guests; this year we’ve gone a wee bit more sophisticated – Bar Manager Ian has conjured up a citrussy Christmas cocktail that’ll go down a treat. Find the full video here, or take a look at our animated step by step guide below.

Citrussy Christmas Cocktail


Serves 1


Half a lime (plus extra to garnish)

Orange marmalade (we used the orange and whisky marmalade available in our onsite shop)

Sugar syrup

Ginger liqueur

Orange bitters

Scotch whisky of your choice (why not try something that will compliment the citrussy notes in the cocktail, such as a Lowland single malt or a light Speyside-based blend)


Cocktail shaker and tumbler

A juicer

Two strainers

25ml measure

Chopping board and knife

A straw to help you create a lime twist

A chilled martini glass


  1. Peel a strip of peel off the lime (see step 9 for why you’ll be needing that later), then cut it in half. Juice one half into the tumbler

    1. Lime juice

  2. Add a teaspoonful of orange marmalade to the tumbler

    3. Marmalade

  3. Add half a measure of sugar syrup

    2. Sugar syrup

  4. Add a shot of ginger liqueur

    4. Ginger liqueur

  5. Add a dram of Scotch whisky (around 25ml)

    5. Scotch whisky

  6. Stir together for 30 seconds to dissolve the marmalade

    6. Stir

  7. Shake with ice for 10 seconds

    7. Shake

  8. Double strain into the chilled martini glass

    8. Strain

  9. Use the strip of lime peel to create a garnish – make sure you give it a twist to release the oils from the lime.

    9. Lime twist

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Watch the full video via the Scotch Whisky Experience YouTube channel.

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