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Too much of anything is bad; but too much good whisky is barely enough.
– Mark Twain

With Book Week taking over Scotland from Monday 19th November to the 25th November, Visitor Assistant Louise has rounded up a selection of books on whisky that’ll take your Scotch game to new heights. You’ll find all of them in our onsite shop, right here at the Scotch Whisky Experience.

Whisky books available at the Scotch Whisky Experience shop

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2019

Ingvar Ronde, 2018

Why stray from a classic? In the Yearbook, you’ll find a definitive list of malt whiskies, including production facts, stats and most importantly – how to pronounce the distillery names correctly.


Charles MacLean, 2016. Birlinn Ltd.

Ideal for swatting up before a pub quiz, Whiskypedia’s Curiosities section under each distillery brings a whole new array of useful knowledge and fascinating trivia. If you want to know which distillery owners of yore were ambushed for taxes, which distilleries have won BAFTA awards, and which have been visited by royalty, MacLean will tell you.

101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Ian Buxton, 2012. Hachette Publishing.

Warning: Book Actually Contains 102 Whiskies. In spite of the slight mistruth on the cover, Buxton takes you on a global adventure through whisky, offering a variety of prices and rarities in bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Swedish, South African… the list is extensive.

If this isn’t enough, pick up 101 More World Whiskies to Try Before You Die.

Whisky: The Manual

Dave Broom, 2014. Mitchell Beazley Publishing.

If your focus is specifically on imbibing, the Manual is the way to go. This extensive exploration from Broom covers any and all possible ways you can enjoy a dram – from neat, to adding ice, water or even green tea, to cocktails, both classic and contemporary variations.

The Whisky Kitchen: 100 Ways with Whisky and Food

Sheila McConachie and Graham Harvey, GW Publishing.

Food pairings are iconic in the drinks industry – check our previous food pairing blogs! – and whisky is no different. In the Whisky Kitchen, you can find a real plethora of both pairings and recipes to try your hand at!

Explore the full range of whisky and Scotland themed books and gifts on the Scotch Whisky Experience website.

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