The millionaire’s guide to Edinburgh

Ever thought about what you’d do with your riches if you ever became a millionaire? Edinburgh is the perfect place to kick start your luxury lifestyle, and guiding team member Tam has written this lighthearted guide to get you started…

“So, you have finally done it, you have finally become a millionaire. All those hours spent filling in lottery tickets have gone to good use as your numbers have come up. The burning question is, what do you do with your new-found wealth? Why not kick start your life of luxury with a trip to what has recently been voted by Rough Guide readers as the most beautiful country in the world: Scotland.

This article is going to act as your guide, highlighting the most exclusive and indulgent experiences the city of Edinburgh has to offer.


You have just touched down in Edinburgh Airport, but how are you going to navigate the city, by bus? No, although the public transport in Edinburgh is fantastic, I feel that it is not in keeping with the lifestyle to which you will soon be accustomed. You could take a taxi: again, not a bad idea, but taxis do not exactly scream elegance.

Why not use the East of Scotland Chauffeurs? This central Scotland-based chauffeur company will not only get you from A to B, but they will do it in style. With around 50% of the drivers having a background in the emergency services, you know your journey is going to be not only comfortable but safe. The cars that make up the fleet are the big selling point however, including Bentleys, Mercedes and Range Rovers, with other vehicles available on request. These high-end luxury cars coupled with your driver being dressed in an elegant grey suit and matching hat, will not only allow you to travel in style and comfort, but also give you the feeling that you’ve really made it.



Edinburgh is packed with some very prestigious, very elegant, very exclusive hotels. There is only one however, that I feel can take pride of place on this guide, and that’s the Balmoral Hotel. This historic building boasts the most prestigious address in the capital, 1 Princes Street. The jewel in the crown of the Balmoral Hotel is the Scone and Crombie suite, that tastefully combines tradition and modernity. This iconic, signature suite was named after Scone Palace in Perthshire and has a sitting room, full dining room with a dining table, walk-in wardrobe, views of Edinburgh’s Old Town and a working fireplace, perfect for warming you up after being out in the often chilly Scottish weather.


Again, Edinburgh offers a whole array of fine dining experiences, but only a few boast a Michelin star. One such restaurant is The Kitchin, located in the old dock area of Leith. The Kitchin celebrates some of the best produce Scotland has to offer, and dining here places you in the very capable hands of Tom Kitchin (whom you may recognise from regular appearances on popular television shows such as Masterchef). Tom honed his craft over the years working in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants including the three-starred restaurant, La Tante Claire. His “nature to plate” philosophy will see you treated to some of the best and freshest produce Scotland has to offer, prepared in a British style using classic French techniques. It’s a one of a kind dining experience, and aside from being able to tell your friends you frequent Michelin-starred restaurants, you can now say that you have had a celebrity chef prepare your dinner: a luxury that money can, in fact, buy.


Old Fashioned - Devil's Advocate

You have had a busy day of seeing the sights Edinburgh has to offer, you have enjoyed a dining experience that you cannot wait to tell your friends about. You do, however, need to finish off your night, and how better to do so than enjoying a cocktail or two? For this there is only one bar you have to visit and one drink you have to order. The bar is The Devil’s Advocate and the drink, an Old Fashioned, as this classic cocktail really does scream class and sophistication.

Although no longer available on this tucked-away bar’s ever-evolving menu, the Old Fashioned that was on offer at The Devil’s Advocate was certainly not your classic bourbon, sugar and bitters. In fact, it used some of the most expensive ingredients, lovingly prepared at your table by a bartender wearing white gloves for this special occasion. The drink was made by mixing the Dalmore 1991 Constellation with saffron bitters and Champagne syrup, and had to be ordered two weeks in advance for the bitters to be specially made. A cocktail most certainly fit for a millionaire.


So, you have had a great time, exploring Edinburgh’s many attractions; you have travelled in style, stayed in luxury, eaten like a king and enjoyed drinks that are unattainable to the masses. It is however time to leave, as there is a lot more of the world to see, and all of that money is not going to spend itself!

The Balvenie 50yo Cask 4570 70cl box and bottle.jpg

The question is, what can you take home? You need something that is not only inherently Scottish, but something you can show all of your new moneyed friends, something that makes them say “Wow!” That something is of course a bottle of whisky, but not just any bottle of whisky. The Balvenie 50 Year Old. This extremely rare and limited edition whisky is available to purchase at the Scotch Whisky Experience’s specialist whisky shop, right here in the heart of Edinburgh. This whisky, aged in Spanish oak for 50 years, acts as a celebration of the man who has made The Balvenie the distillery it is today: David C Stewart MBE. This rich, spicy whisky was put into the cask just one day after David Stewart started working at Balvenie, and has followed him through his career. The Balvenie 50 year old now acts as a legacy to David and his contributions to not only to the distillery, but to the wider world of Scotch whisky.

Yes, this bottle will set you back a pretty penny, but realistically what was once potentially a year’s earnings is now mere spare change. Why not treat yourself to a bottle that is not only rare and expensive, but a bottle that has a story?”

Not a millionaire quite yet? Find out about all the amazing things to do in Edinburgh, whatever your budget.

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