Snow in Edinburgh

Social media went wild this week as the skies opened over Edinburgh, and we were blanketed in fluffy white snow for a few short hours. Though we’re no strangers to chilly weather here in our beautiful city, we couldn’t resist gathering together some of the gorgeous snow shots taken by the Scotch Whisky Experience team this week as they made their ways to work from all corners of Edinburgh.

Eilidh and Gillian took these fantastic shots of the majestic Edinburgh Castle in the (shortlived) morning sunshine…

Alison took a photo of a crisp white Johnston Terrace as she walked to work – you can spot the Scotch Whisky Experience and the Hub in the distance.

Johnston Terrace - Alison

Hannah took a stroll across the Meadows this morning, capturing a beautiful photo of a snow-topped Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags.

Hannah - The Meadows in the snow

Angela took a different route along Regent Terrace (where the Burns Monument sits), catching this early morning photo of the sunrise over a frosty white city, including the churchyard that featured in last week’s post about a walk with Robert Burns.

The Crags and the Royal Mile in the Snow, by Angela

Gavin caught the snow-capped hills surrounding Edinburgh as he walked to the train station at Wallyford.

Snow topped hills, from Wallyford Station, by Gavin

Cara took the icy route up to the Scotch Whisky Experience via Ramsay Gardens (take care everyone! It can be a slippery walk to the top or bottom!)…

…and managed to meet this wee chap on her way up.

Snowman on Ramsay Gardens, by Cara

Rebecca and Andrew caught these great photos of a snowy Castlehill during our Distiller’s Fair back in December.

Snow falling at the Scotch Whisky Experience by Rebecca

SWE snow - smaller


Ross took a beautiful slow motion video of the snow falling outside the Scotch Whisky Experience. Take a look at the video on our Facebook page.

Finally, what a difference 24 hours makes! Take a look at these photos of the back of our beautiful building, with Edinburgh Castle in the background, taken before and after the snowfall.

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Stay warm, everyone! Why not visit us for a whisky tour to take the edge off the cold – we’ve got a selection of more than 450 Scotch whiskies on our specialist bar that are guaranteed to keep you toasty!

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