St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, has had a celebratory day in his honour for more than a thousand years. He was known for being kind, generous and good spirited – and if you’ve ever met a Scot in the pub, you’ll know that St Andrew’s sainthood in Scotland is very apt!

St Andrews Day at the Scotch Whisky Experience


This year across the country, St Andrew’s Day is being marked by little acts of kindness and sharing, whether that’s fetching someone lunch, giving up your time or skills for those who might be in need of them, or something else to show your appreciation of the people around you each day. Here at the Scotch Whisky Experience, we thought that our wee team of superstar visitor assistants, Amber restaurant team and behind-the-scenes-staff deserved a bit of love, so today we’ve been distributing goodies and treats for everyone working on St Andrew’s Day.

Find out more about St Andrew’s Day activities here, including ways that you can #BeLikeStAndrew through little acts of kindness, sharing and generosity.

Happy St Andrew’s Day to all of our visitors, wherever you are from!

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