Let them eat cake…

Back in July, we touched on how whisky and food pairings are very much commonplace, and that whisky can be paired with a whole plethora of different food types, including of course chocolate. Traditionally, it’s recommended that you pair whisky with chocolate that’s at least 60% cocoa, but we have tried to go against that way of thinking and instead did a pairing with cornershop confections that are much easier to get hold of and not your usual whisky and chocolate pairing.

To help enforce the message that whisky can be paired with nearly anything (and because quite a few of us here at the Scotch Whisky Experience are enjoying the new run of the Great British Bake Off) we managed to find a few whiskies that compliment themselves perfectly with cake!

We’ve deliberately gone for baking goods that are very easy to get a hold of and you don’t need to worry about having lacklustre baking skills (like me!) so you can just buy your cake, pour yourself a dram, and enjoy!

Aberfeldy 12 is a great match with Almond Slices - Scotch Whisky Experience blog

First off is the Aberfeldy 12 year old with an Almond Slice. Aberfeldy is a lovely Highland Single Malt that has quite a creamy nose and a clean mouthfeel, with lots of honey sweetness and marzipan that makes it a natural companion to the humble almond slice.

Aberlour 10 is perfect with Christmas Cake - Scotch Whisky Experience blog

If you’re having an Aberlour 10 year old then you need to grab yourself a nice big slice of fruit cake. Aberlour is a Speyside Single Malt that I like to describe as “liquid Christmas cake”. So, think of raisins, sultanas, cinnamon and nutmeg that perfectly complements a classic fruit cake.

Tomatin 14 year old's Port notes pair perfectly with a jam tart- Scotch Whisky Experience blog

Next up, go grab some jam tarts (strawberry or raspberry) and then pour yourself a Tomatin 14 year old Port Wood Finish. Tomatin is another Highland Single Malt that makes a soft and sweet style of whisky. The Tomatin 14 however has spent a year in Port Pipes which gives the Single Malt an extra bit if fruitiness (mainly red berries). If you mix that with your jam tart then the jam almost explodes with flavour in your mouth!

Balvenie 14s Carribbean cask finish makes it a great match for Jamaica Ginger Cake

Finally, and probably the staff favourite, is The Balvenie 14 year old Caribbean Cask that pairs perfectly with a Jamaica ginger cake. Balvenie is a classic Speyside Single Malt but this particular expression has been finished in Caribbean rum casks to impart some extra flavour. This finish helps gives the whisky a lovely rich sweetness and light spiciness that is incredible with a Jamaica cake, and helps to really enhance the ginger.

Of course, that’s only four cakes and four single malts. We are sure that there are plenty of other baked goods that you can enjoy alongside with your dram of choice so if you can think of any more, let us know! Any excuse to eat some cake! Enjoy.

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