Bake a Difference

On Tuesday 10 October I was delighted that my lovely colleagues supported me, not only by eating cake, but baking and paying for cake to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK Family Fund, Georgie’s Genes.

There was much chat in the offices as to ‘who was baking what’ and ‘how much cake will people eat’ and in turn ‘how much money shall be raised.’

As a charity very close to my heart, I was so grateful that my colleagues supported our very own Bake Off and gave their precious pennies and pounds to my cause. There was probably 40 staff members working on the day, and a fabulous £137.87 was raised – which equates to 3.44 pieces of cake per person – good work team!

Special mentions go to Cara and Angela who won our Chief Tasters (Tony) award for ‘best tasting cake’ with Angela’s caramac cupcakes and Cara’s ‘best designed cake’ with her beautiful Highland Coo cupcakes with Tomatin icing and caramac nose.

I am proud to be a member of a workplace where corporate and social responsibility is high up on the agenda and this just highlights yet another charity that we have supported this year.

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