Seven Whiskies to See You Through the Storm

As Storm Ophelia comes rolling across the UK this week, what better opportunity to track down the storm-themed whiskies from our onsite Scotch Shop in her honour!

These single malts, blends, limited editions and liqueurs are just perfect for cosying up with a dram this winter and waiting for the tempest to pass. Enjoy!

Talisker Storm


A choice which goes without saying. Hailing from the rugged but beautiful island of Skye, Talisker distillery sees its fair share of stormy seas and high winds. This ever-popular bottling has been specially blended to create a warm, spicy whisky “growing in complexity like a gathering storm.”

Cutty Sark Storm

Cutty Sark

Released in 2012, this addition to the Cutty Sark core range promises a more brooding expression resulting from the blend of some older single malt and grain whiskies from a range of Scotch distilleries. Named after the famous British clipper, the fastest ship in the world in its time, the Cutty Sark’s Storm tasting notes describe the tension, like the building of a storm, lies between the depth of flavour of the older malts and the vibrancy of the fresher grains.

Glenfiddich Winter Storm

Winter Storm

A 21 year old whisky that takes its name from its Icewine cask maturation, Winter Storm is a fleeting limited edition, one to batten down the hatches with. Once it’s gone, it’s gone – just like the winter snow.

(Sadly this whisky has now sold out in our Scotch Shop, but we couldn’t resist including it in the list).

Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair


A recent release from Islay-based Bunnahabhain distillery – another island that gets a fair battering when the storms blow in from the Atlantic. With a name that means ‘helmsman’, Stiùireadair is a tribute to the wild sea that surrounds the island, aiming to expose the coastal nature of the Bunnahabhain single malt whisky. Tasting notes revealing flavours of seasalt and brine among the warmer, spicier aromas.

Scapa Glansa


Another island whisky, this time from Orkney based distillery Scapa, Glansa is Norse for storm-laden skies, with flavours of fruit, heather honey and a hint of peat smoke. Visitors to the island of Orkney can visit not just the distillery, but ancient settlement sites such as Scara Brae. Imagine just how welcoming the sight of land would be after a stormy voyage on the high seas…

Ardbeg Corryvreckan


Back to Islay with Ardbeg’s Corryvreckan. Though not strictly storm-related, this unmissable single malt which takes its name from the famous whirlpool that lies to the north of the island – the subject of many tales and legends from Gaelic history and folklore. Tasting notes describe it as “not for the faint hearted”, much like the whirlpool itself.


Old Pulteney Stroma


Not to be outdone, this whisky liqueur by coastal distillery Old Pulteney was named after a rugged island off the coast of Caithness, where many a ship and crew met their end in high winds and bad conditions. Stroma is a tribute to the hardy islanders of Caithness, and goes brilliantly in a hot toddy or warming winter cocktail, the perfect pick me up after a foray into the storm this autumn.



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