Five ways to enhance your whisky tasting experience

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A Scotch whisky purist may argue that the only way to drink a splendid Scotch whisky is neat, perhaps with a dash of water to open it up; maybe even sat in a creaking leather armchair for effect. But here at the Scotch Whisky Experience, we prefer it when people find a way of drinking their whisky that means they really fall in love with it – whatever that means to them.

We’ve rounded up a few ways to drink Scotch whisky that will satisfy everyone from the die-hard single malt enthusiasts to those who love a good cocktail.

Keep your cool

The hazy days of summer can call for something a little cooler than your average dram. Whisky stones are a handy addition to your tumbler – cooling the whisky down without melting into it and diluting all those gorgeous flavours. Keep them in the freezer for those rare sunny days! We’ll raise a glass to that.

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Out and about 

For many, the taste of a good Scotch whisky simply isn’t complete without the atmosphere to match it. Whether you’re admiring the views from the top of the mountain you’ve just traversed, dancing the night away at a muddy music festival, or sat around the campfire at your best friend’s wedding – a hip flask filled to the brim with something splendid has got to be in your top few accessories. Easy to carry, easy to share, and it looks pretty cool to boot.

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Dip it low

In need of the perfect gift for a whisky lover who has everything? A ‘dipping dog’ (so-called because it was man’s best friend!) was a classic accessory for distillery workers at the turn of the century, allowing them to siphon off small amounts of whisky into a copper tube to be stealthily consumed later in the day as the shift wore on. Though nowadays it’s more ornament than practical tool, the dipping dog will serve as a fun reminder that there are always more creative ways to drink your whisky if you just put your mind to it…

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Keep it classy

Of course, nothing says ‘elegant and refined’ like swirling your Scotch in a beautiful cut-glass tumbler (creaking leather armchair optional). The Glencairn tasting glass was designed by a handpicked panel of whisky industry experts create the ultimate nosing and tasting experience. Not only that, but there’s something about keeping your whisky tumblers in their own beautiful box which really emphasises just how special the act of sharing a dram with friends (or by yourself) can be.

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Tuck into something different

Scotch whisky doesn’t necessarily have to be drunk from a glass to be appreciated. Countless connoisseurs of food and fine dining have incorporated the water of life into their recipes, often with exquisite results: chocolates and caramel to mustard and sauces; cakes and puddings to vinegars and salad dressings, plus a plethora of whisky-themed recipe books to take your kitchen wizardry to a more spirited level. Dig in and enjoy…

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