The story behind some of your favourite blends

Blended whisky may not be as famous as some of its single malt counterparts, but they do make up for over 90% of Scotch whisky sold around the world. There are some blends that are certainly better known, some that have been sitting in Scottish homes for over a hundred years.

People may know their names, but they don’t know their stories, and it’s the journeys of the blends that make them so incredibly wonderful to the world of whisky.

Bell’s – A Family Blend

Bell's blended whisky

This blend is the very definition of a family story. The blend was first created in Perth in 1825 by Arthur Bell. In 1895, Arthur’s two sons joined the company, keeping it family owned and operated. ‘Arthur Bell and Sons’ first appeared on the label, and it remains on every bottle created today. Over 150 years since Arthur first made his blend, Bell’s entered the record books when, in 1978, it was crowned the UK’s No.1 whisky.

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Cutty Sark – Prohibition Prodigy

Cutty Sark blended whisky

The idea for Cutty Sark came about in 1923 from Francis Berry and Hugh Rudd. Since the introduction of Prohibition in 1920, American drinkers had become disillusioned with the dark coloured moonshine that was common. Berry and Rudd decided to create a new, lighter style of whisky. Thus Cutty Sark was born and was rumoured to be smuggled into the States by none other than the Real Captain Bill McCoy.

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Black Bottle – Back to the Basics

Black Bottle blended whisky

Rather than brag about an unchanged recipe, Black Bottle prides itself on being a blend that has changed dramatically over the years. In 1879 Black Bottle was started in Aberdeen, it was presented in black glass and would have been slightly smoky. By the 1950’s, it has been sold by the original creators; the glass was green. Over the next 70 years the blend was changed multiple times, before in 2013 it was returned to its original north-east roots, and once again resembled the blend for 1879.

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Whyte and McKay – Special Treatment

Whyte and Mackay special blended whisky

Since 1844 Whyte and McKay have been treating their blend with a special love. Originally started by James Whyte and Charles McKay, the blend now contains 41 different whiskies that have all been carefully selected and, most importantly, triple matured. First is the standard maturation of the individual single malts, second is the combination of these whiskies in sherry casks for another few months, and third is the aged grain whisky. This is all combined and matured for a little while longer.

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