Patience is a virtue… and it’s worth it!

Today we’re going to be looking at ‘While We Wait’ from Raasay & Borders Distillers. The distillery at Raasay is still in the production stage and they are waiting to be able to release their own whisky. In the meantime, they purchased two expressions from another distillery, blended them together and finished it in Tuscan wed wine casks, giving us an idea as to how they will treat their whisky when the time comes. Upon trying While We Wait, I have decided that whisky from Raasay can simply not come quick enough.

While We Wait sits at 46% ABV, it is slightly peated, naturally coloured and non-chill filtered, so what you see is what you get.

The colour of this non age statement whisky is light, with subtle pinkish tones coming through, a clear indication of its red wine finish.

On the nose there is a smokiness, though only slight which is surprising given its peated nature. More immediate are the light fruity notes with a bit of a dryness to them that hints at a possible spiciness.

Upon tasting, the peat smoke is far more apparent, straight away I’m reminded of sitting around a campfire in winter, being warmed by the flames. When this subdues there is a subtle oak note then a strong hint of salt air arising. This is all followed by dry fruit notes, coming from the Tuscan casks. Raspberries, black currants and blue berries all come to front, balancing the whisky and creating a dram that you will want to try time and time again.

Photograph kindly provided by R&B Distillers

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